Poker Love

August 26…was a very emotional day for me in poker land. I had been streaming for 5 hours and 45 minutes…wait.  Things began to churn before that!

I would say, the stream started to churn from the beginning now that I think of it.  Within an hour of starting up, I was visited by God’s Big Toe.  Now, I am fairly certain I happen to have been lurking in his stream one day and discovered that he doesn’t care for 80’s “key-tar” and modern music which is what I generally have playing. (If I am wrong about the tunes, sorry.)  To have him just stop in wasn’t the surprise.  The fact he stayed was an amazing feeling.  He is a solid player and a great mentor!

The feelsgoodman didn’t stop there.  A long time community supporter, 87goodtimes, came to visit the stream.  He has followed my stream since I started.  This particular day, he subscribed to my channel!  Whoot!  But wait!  His surprises didn’t end there…he began gifting subs and dropping bittie bombs!

As I am recovering from the generosity of 87goodtimes, I am paid a visit by more amazing community supporters/streamers!  Into the stream float imiKristinQuickQuestionNowAliQOD, and Sevzor82 who proceed to have a bittie bomb war.  As that began…others had to join… Chicago662, muthafnlifecoach, thatbreadthough , emerson1030, KyWildcatOgre, BrandoninFlorida, firerain2016.  As the bittie war subsided, I was flooded again with gifted subs from Chicago662 and imiKristin!!  At this point, I was feeling humble and ever so grateful!  The feelsgoodman was amazing…and the tears were falling.

Do I dare say…there is still more!

The Raid!

Violet’s reaction when she reads “Thanks VanessaKade for hosting the stream with 67 viewers!”

Just as Sevzor82 drops his string of bitties…I am honored with a raid from Vanessa Kade !!  Ok, ok…breathe girl!  Wait, hosting for 67…oh my!  Then QuickQuestionNow gifts a sub to Vanessa before she even follows!  I am so humbled and just flattered beyond words at this point.  The love continues from this amazing community.  Bitties continue to fall..Vanessa gifts 5 more subs followed by imiKristin gifting 5 subs and more bittie bombs by the community.

I am in tears of joy, appreciation, surprise, amazement, and more words than I can speak.  In fact, the stream, at one point, asked me to speak…and I couldn’t.  I had a knot in my throat and tears of happiness…the voice wasn’t happening.

This night was so incredible, I am certain to have inadvertently left out an acknowledgement.  Please, if I did not list you and you were a part of this evening, please comment below so I can add you!  

a clip of the night in question

Watch poker community love and an awesome raid from TheVioletMystery on

All of this love and support from the community gets me closer to my fund raising goal to attend TwitchCon – Thank You ALL!  If you missed this stream, be sure to follow my channel (click the video link above).  I have wonderful things in September while getting ready for the con.  I also plan to stream while there.  Should I find enough fellow poker players, would love to stream an IRL poker game beach side!  Join us on the Veranda with coffee and see where the fun takes us!

All my love and gratitude,


I could not do my streams without the support of my mods – thank you!

Kornhusker – nudist30 – emerson1030 – botlady – jack magnum99 – ravarros

TwitchCon Stream-a-thon

August TwitchCon Stream-a-thon

Friday, August 9th was a very long day as it began around 6 am and ended in the early hours of Sunday morning.  

As of Thursday night, I had most everything ready for the launch of the stream-a-thon.  All I had left on the list was to pick up snacks and whatnots from the grocery store.

So, Friday morning comes along.  I am up and pumped for the day.  I head out around 7:30am to fetch the groceries.  I had no idea that mother nature decided not to turn on the a/c overnight…it was a sweltering 86 with a heat index of 94 already!  By the time I got back home, it was a heat index over 100.  The heat just vaporized all that vim vigor vitality I once had boiling within me!  So, I decide, I can still start the stream by noon.  Plenty of time!

I cool off and get the poker face painted up!  A little bounce back in the step!  All is good – not.  My OBS was somehow corrupted.  An uninstall/install was now required…and a complete rebuild of scenes.  Sigh.  Ok, I got this!  We can re-build and I can still go live by 3, only 5 hours later than I really wanted to.  Into OBS I go!  Load up overlays, add cams, sounds, transitions, etc….we are once again good to go!!!  Out of relief, I slide the keyboard back as I scoot away from the desk.  and, well, as the day had been progressing, oops!  A very wrong key is bumped and my primary scene is now deleted!  Ya know, the one I literately just finished building, err, re-building!  Yeah, that one!

It is near 6pm now as I finish the 2nd re-build of the primary scene.  It didn’t take me that long to actually build it…but I had to step away and let loose some frustration first.  If not, the keyboard would not have survived.  At this point, the family is wondering why I am so insistent on still streaming.  It is simple in many ways.  Take your pick!  The show must go on!  Never, ever give up!  I promised my followers!  I said I would!  I am determined!  Hell or high waters…Imma gonna do it!

7pm and I can finally go Live!

It was a struggle to get this point but so very worth it!  I am so blessed to be a part of the Twitch Community that has such a wonderful poker group!  I haven’t taken the time yet to get the game stats from the stream, but I will get there.  We didn’t bink any.  I know we made the money in a few.  It isn’t always about winning the game, but the fun you have trying.  Don’t get me wrong…winning is very rewarding!

The stream was a total of 30 hours and 51 minutes with 25 new followers! 

Below is a list of the wonderful community outreach.  I had so much support from the community, I hope I don’t miss anyone.  If I did, please just message me and I will get you added.


  • Randcorp
  • thatbreadthough
  • QueenofDiamonds
  • UncleSlacker
  • QuickQuestionNow
  • PadresPatty x2
  • JJCorrado x2
  • Mell7307
  • ZauzyDumpling
  • Kbunowski
  • Sizra
  • Botlady
  • 35Marlin
  • Sobewan
  • KarmaCamilla
  • SuperBusboy

Direct Donations

  • UncleSlacker $50
  • ChatRevoked $50
  • TheRojas1 $25
  • QuickQuestionNow $20

Bittie Bomb Brigade

  • imiKristin
  • AliQOD2
  • duckman0725
  • firerain2016
  • kornhusker44
  • lightningpoker_
  • nudist30
  • ChatRevoked
  • Timbert24
  • bugbear101416
  • damthtsweet
  • Tikaplays
  • jmcurrley77
  • jack_magnum99
  • Ravarros
  • emerson1030
  • astnpwrs992
  • LadyHookz
  • KyWildcatOgre
  • ThatBreadThough
  • 35marlin
  • KarmaCamillia
  • QuickQuestionNow

Quadzilla for the ladies!

Hop on the roller coaster

It has been a whirlwind ride!

When I began streaming in late February, I had no idea what ride was in front of me.  I feel like I have been on a roller coaster of fun for months!

Becoming a part of the ACRStormer community has been enlightening and an integral part of my growth.  They are my poker family and more. Many of them offered help from setting up the stream to being mods to help the stream flow.  Insights on play from some of the “above micro grinders” has been valuable in helping me increase my range of cards to play.

I was overwhelmed when I made Twitch Affiliate in less than two weeks of my first stream.  I could not have done it without the help of the Stormer Twitch Community.

I was honored to receive a call from SnostnLost (ACRStormer Manager) at the first of July inviting me to become a member of the official stream team.  This is something, much like the rest of my stream experience, that happened much faster that anticipated and hoped for.

With the recent changes in the ACR software, I know there will be some hiccups along the way.  But I look forward to being a part of the team that makes it happen!