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ACR Stormers Stream Team

Violet is a member of ACR’s Official Stream Team. She currently hosts a home game on Wednesdays at 9pm est on Twitch. She also maintains the Stormer website and assists in events when and where she can.

Stream Schedule Below…

Content Creator Assets

Graphic Designs

Violet also helps new and seasoned streamers keep their content fresh with overlays, emotes, branding designs, panels, alerts, and more!

Overlay Packages

emote bundles

Full Branding Bundles

*new – motion alerts+

Hands On

Streamer Assistance

Violet is happy to help with stream set ups. She can pre-build on StreamLabs and export to you as well as dial in to your PC via TeamViewer while you sit and watch her build your new look.

Broadcast Systems

Violet started with StreamElements and migrated to StreamLabs Prime. Both of these are just skins of OBS. She was also part of the Beta testing of the new Twitch broadcasting system.


Having designed over 100 overlays for various poker players, Violet can help you design your stream interface for the best interaction with your viewers. She can assist with setting up your layers in Sources to aide in easy switching to properly sizing those widgets and alerts and so much more!

Twitch Knowledge

Violet quickly made it a goal to attend TwitchCon her first year streaming. She keeps up on the latest changes and participates in beta tests to help improve both the streamer and viewer experience.


Featured Work

Just a small sample of Violet’s work.


Streaming Milestones

From the moment she fired up her first stream, she has set high goals and continues to accomplish and set higher ones.

1 Year Twitch-aversary
February 2020

Celebration with Stream Family

Celebrated 1 Year on Twitch with giveaways and chill times to VIPs and Subscribers.

September 2019

Attends TwitchCon 2019

Violet took a road trip with two of her adult children that also stream to embark on the adventure called – TwitchCon. So much learned, she plans to attend each year.

1st Marathon Stream
August 2019

Known for Insane Marathon Streams

Violet fired up her first marathon stream for 26+ hours and continues the tradition monthly. She has a top stream of 32+ hours.

ACR Stormer Stream Team
July 2019

Stormer Bound

After being an active member of the community, Violet received the invite to join the ACR’s Official Stream Team – Stormers.

Twitch Debut
February 2019

First Stream

Violet fired up on Twitch for the first time. She had a basic set up in her closet and never slowed down.

Catch Violet On Twitch

Tuesday Mornings – Tech It Up
Wednesday Nights – ACR Home Game
Thursday Afternoons – Wake n Go PLO
Friday Nights – Night Flights
Saturday Mornings – Silliness on the Veranda


Satisfied Streamer Solutions

Violet works one on one with each client she creates for.
Here are a few words from some very happy streamers!




viewers in stream


cups o’ coffee Drank


Happy clients


Latest News

Violet’s Journal of Adventures in Twitch Streaming and Playing Poker


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