A Little About Violet Mystery

Hey there, poker enthusiasts! I’m Violet Mystery, your passionate Twitch Poker Streamer for ACR Poker, hailing from the vibrant North Texas, USA. My journey into the captivating world of poker began back in 2017 when my husband introduced me to ACR Poker. Little did I know, this was the beginning of an incredible adventure.

What began as a casual interest from my closet stream set up quickly evolved into something extraordinary in its own private studio room – a thriving online community that revolves around my love watermelon, pocket twos and good vibes. In late 2021, I forged a partnership with ACR to re-establish the Ladies Night Lounge, a vibrant community dedicated to celebrating and empowering women in poker. And in 2023, I received the invite to the prestigious level of Elite Stormer as well as marking my four-year anniversary as a Twitch Streamer and an ACR Stormer, a journey filled with exciting milestones and personal growth.

My foray into Twitch was a result of my involvement with BetOnDrew’s ACR Stormer Home Game, and it was in 2019 that I took the bold leap into streaming poker myself. This journey led me to the heart of the Twitch Poker Community, where I discovered an online family and a platform to share my positive vibes.

What sets me apart in the Twitch and Poker community is my unwavering positive energy and my signature marathon poker runs, which have earned me the affectionate nickname “Legend.” Three of the marathons that are community favorites would be “May the Force” (May 4th), Halloween, and “Ring Around The World” (New Years Eve), in which they are generally done in costume and great thematic tunes!

Throughout my streaming career, I’ve achieved numerous milestones, including becoming a Twitch affiliate within just two weeks, receiving support from renowned streamers like Vanessa Kade, Gripsed and BetonDrew, and joining the prestigious ACR Stormers Stream Team. I successfully crowdfunded my trip to TwitchCon 2019, an experience that left an indelible mark on my journey. 

In 2023, I made my first trip to WSOP Vegas.  Memories made with teammate and community gatherings IRL, hosted an ACR Punters Pad Episode, and played in the Womens Event where I finished just under 30 from the money. I also worked with the community to raise over $6k for Breast Cancer Foundation.

I quickly realized that the community gathering was for more than card play…it was the good vibes and energy generated from the stream and viewers.  My stream has become a safe haven for viewers to escape the outside cruel world and forget about troubles if only for just a while.  We are all human beings on a tiny rock hurdling through space…let’s make the best of it!

As I continue my streaming adventure, my mission is clear – to spread positivity, create unforgettable moments, and share my poker escapades with my ever-growing online family. Your support and presence have made this journey remarkable, and I’m deeply grateful for each and every one of you.

If you are just finding me, I invite you to join me on this exhilarating ride, and let’s continue to make magic together in the world of poker and Twitch!