TwitchCon 2022 – Vegas

Well, the pandemic put a halt on a lot of events — but they are beginning to open back up. We return to TwitchCon!!

What makes this trip unique for me? Well, first “vacation” without children…EVER! And I will be doing this trip solo. As the last of my kids left home this summer, I am finding myself in that “empty nesters” situation. Mainly, who am I without the children as a focal point…a driven purpose for why I did things. So, I am looking forward to taking this time to rediscover myself and discover the new things that ignite my passions in life!

I am fortunate that a friend of the stream decided to get married in Las Vegas and has invited me to come photograph his momentus occassion. His timing was perfect…week after TwitchCon. So, I will be driving up to Las Vegas and meet some friends of the stream IRL!

I will be posting pictures on Instagram and little journey notes in Discord. I look forward to sharing with you all the wonderful experience along the way and bringing back great opportunities!

Who is Covering my hosted games while I am on vacation?

One our our original Stormers, Killingbird , has been kind enough to step up and host my KO Home Game on Wednesday nights – Oct 5, 12, 19.

And one of our lovely newer Stormers, Arlynnia , has been kind enough to cover the hosting of Ladies Night Lounge on Saturday nights – Oct 10 & 17

Please show these wonderful streamers love and support – see you all when I return!