Stream Schedule



Join us on Tuesday for a full day of stream fun.  Starting with the ACR Discord Grand and Stormers Two-Twenty Classic just after the lunch hour.  Then flow into the nights for some great community fun as we play in Violet’s PennyHoot Bankroll Builder! Penny Buy In – Unlimited Quarter ReBuys – Half-Dollar add-on – KO TheVioletMystery up to 5 times for a $40 bounty each time!


Join me every Wed night at 9pm ET on ACR for my ACR Stormer KO Home Game – $3.30 buy-in with a $1 KO — LastLongerBucket in stream — Q124 Leader Board to run JAN-MAR — MUST be a member of Violet’s Discord to claim LB prizes…follow the leader board here!!! 


Join us every Thursday to play in The Community Chest Bounty game at 8p ET/7p CT || Select community member will be worth a bounty up to 5x in the game || Each time you knock this player out of the game (up to 5x) you win a spin on the Bounty Wheel for either tickets or a cash prize of 20-80% of the Community Chest (must have entered your $1 min donation). MUST be in twitch chat to claim your wheel spin at the end of the game.


Ladies Night Lounge Commumity PKO – Game Time: Saturdays at 8:30pm ET $300 GTD PKO $2.20 || Part of the LNL Trifecta Experience!!! $ EVERYONE is welcome to play…whatever you identify as, no restrictions other than to be respectful and have fun!…compete to the top of our monrhly Trifecta leaderboard with a last longer bucket of cash and bonus bounty in streams!!! 


Sunday Sunrise with Violet RETURNS for 4 WEEKS — January 7th & 14th at x3 $109 tickets and January 21th & 28th x7 $33 tickets — $0.25 buy in, $0.50 REBUY and $1.00 addon — LOCATE: SATELLITES/PRIVATE —> “SUNDAY SUNRISE WITH VIOLET” — Special KO bounty on Violet IN STREAM ONLY!