TwitchCon Notes: Get Discovered On Twitch

How do Viewers evaluate a streamer?

  • motivation
  • attirbutes
  • dimesion
  • chat interaction

Viewers take the above things into consideration when choosing to become part of a community.

How do Twitch Recommendations work?

  • viewers watched similar things to other viewers in same channel
  • viewers with similar watch history

Ways Twitch is currently improving the recommendations filter:

  • relevance
  • novelty
  • exploration
  • fairness

Twitch Home Page is general streams. This is used primarily by viewers who don’t know what they are looking to watch.

Twitch Browse Page is based on categories. This is used by viewers who know the type of content they want to watch.

Twitch Search Page is results oriented. This is for viewers looking for a specific streamer, game, or tag. Twitch is increasing the filters to search by to include profile data, similarities, time of day.

NEW: Category/Tag shelf coming. Tags are for community organizations, intentional discovery, more detail to viewers.

Twitch Follow Page allows viewers to continue watching and see upcoming streams of channels they follow.

Be consistent in streaming.

When you find a television show you enjoy, you know what day/time it comes on. It is the same for streamers. Your community gets on the same schedule as you…so be consistent in your stream set times.

You can miss one week of streaming and lose power in the recommendations.

Avoid chat commands in your stream title.

Keep your title informative of your stream activity. Commands do not add value to the viewer looking for a new community.

Tips to help you get discovered:

  • provide accurate info in titles/categories/tags
  • experiment with your hours to capture the best audience
  • once settled, be consistent in your schedule
  • foster a sense of community by interacting with chat
  • network with similar streamers
  • understand that variety streaming is “hard mode” – find a niche
  • don’t sleep on channel features such as the custom go live notifications, trailers, scheduler, etc
  • maintain an off platform presence on social medias