TwitchCon Stream-a-thon

August TwitchCon Stream-a-thon

Friday, August 9th was a very long day as it began around 6 am and ended in the early hours of Sunday morning.  

As of Thursday night, I had most everything ready for the launch of the stream-a-thon.  All I had left on the list was to pick up snacks and whatnots from the grocery store.

So, Friday morning comes along.  I am up and pumped for the day.  I head out around 7:30am to fetch the groceries.  I had no idea that mother nature decided not to turn on the a/c overnight…it was a sweltering 86 with a heat index of 94 already!  By the time I got back home, it was a heat index over 100.  The heat just vaporized all that vim vigor vitality I once had boiling within me!  So, I decide, I can still start the stream by noon.  Plenty of time!

I cool off and get the poker face painted up!  A little bounce back in the step!  All is good – not.  My OBS was somehow corrupted.  An uninstall/install was now required…and a complete rebuild of scenes.  Sigh.  Ok, I got this!  We can re-build and I can still go live by 3, only 5 hours later than I really wanted to.  Into OBS I go!  Load up overlays, add cams, sounds, transitions, etc….we are once again good to go!!!  Out of relief, I slide the keyboard back as I scoot away from the desk.  and, well, as the day had been progressing, oops!  A very wrong key is bumped and my primary scene is now deleted!  Ya know, the one I literately just finished building, err, re-building!  Yeah, that one!

It is near 6pm now as I finish the 2nd re-build of the primary scene.  It didn’t take me that long to actually build it…but I had to step away and let loose some frustration first.  If not, the keyboard would not have survived.  At this point, the family is wondering why I am so insistent on still streaming.  It is simple in many ways.  Take your pick!  The show must go on!  Never, ever give up!  I promised my followers!  I said I would!  I am determined!  Hell or high waters…Imma gonna do it!

7pm and I can finally go Live!

It was a struggle to get this point but so very worth it!  I am so blessed to be a part of the Twitch Community that has such a wonderful poker group!  I haven’t taken the time yet to get the game stats from the stream, but I will get there.  We didn’t bink any.  I know we made the money in a few.  It isn’t always about winning the game, but the fun you have trying.  Don’t get me wrong…winning is very rewarding!

The stream was a total of 30 hours and 51 minutes with 25 new followers! 

Below is a list of the wonderful community outreach.  I had so much support from the community, I hope I don’t miss anyone.  If I did, please just message me and I will get you added.


  • Randcorp
  • thatbreadthough
  • QueenofDiamonds
  • UncleSlacker
  • QuickQuestionNow
  • PadresPatty x2
  • JJCorrado x2
  • Mell7307
  • ZauzyDumpling
  • Kbunowski
  • Sizra
  • Botlady
  • 35Marlin
  • Sobewan
  • KarmaCamilla
  • SuperBusboy

Direct Donations

  • UncleSlacker $50
  • ChatRevoked $50
  • TheRojas1 $25
  • QuickQuestionNow $20

Bittie Bomb Brigade

  • imiKristin
  • AliQOD2
  • duckman0725
  • firerain2016
  • kornhusker44
  • lightningpoker_
  • nudist30
  • ChatRevoked
  • Timbert24
  • bugbear101416
  • damthtsweet
  • Tikaplays
  • jmcurrley77
  • jack_magnum99
  • Ravarros
  • emerson1030
  • astnpwrs992
  • LadyHookz
  • KyWildcatOgre
  • ThatBreadThough
  • 35marlin
  • KarmaCamillia
  • QuickQuestionNow

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