e-Poker Leagues

e-Poker Leagues

Join us in e-Poker Leagues!

Our e-Poker Leagues start the first week of each month. If you are interested in playing with us on ACR, please fill out the information below. Be sure to join Violet in stream and be a part of building something new and amazingly fun!

A Little F.A.Q

What is e-Poker League?

e-Poker League is a fun community event playing freezeout poker games with a monthly leader board where teams of 3 players compete on the felt for top team and individual points.

Is there a Leader Board?

The e-Poker League leader boards run monthly and will be listed under the "leader boards" tab here on this site. 

Prizes may vary from month to month but could consist of ACR cash/tickets, e-gift cards, poker weights, trophies, etc.

Prizes will be for best team as well as Top Overall Player.

When Are The Games?

Due to recent requests, we are offering a European e-Poker League (1pm EST) and North American e-Poker League (8pm EST) each Thursday night.  We play 3 games with start times 20 minutes apart.  

Rules of Play

  1. Players must play in a minimum of 2 out of the 3 games played.
  2. Players can ONLY fire one entry into the game.  More than one bullet and the score becomes zero for that game.  We now have scheduled freezeout games.
  3. Players will need to sign up for all 3 games at start of the event.
  4. Players must be a member of Violet's Discord to claim any prizes.

What is the Cost?

The minimum game buy in for e-Poker Leagues is $1.65.  This would be for 3 games x 4 weeks, giving the minimum monthly investment of 19.80/month.

If we were to use a higher buy in of $16.50 then the minimum monthly investment would be $198/month.

We currently are expecting to run the $1.65 monthly.  Depending on the interest indicated when players register, if we will offer multiple leagues at different buy in levels.

How Do I Join?

NEW to e-Poker: You can sign up to join the next e-Poker League session by completing the form at the bottom. 

RETURNING to e-Poker: Not all players will want to participate from one month to the next month, so you must sign up for each following month to continue participation.

How Are Teams Formed?

All individual players that sign up will be placed on a wheel spin and randomly assigned to a team. 

If you have 2-3 players that want to be on the same team, please indicate that in the form when signing up.

Can I Join Mid-Month?

Unfortunately, you can not start play in mid-month.  You will need to wait until the new season begins to be assigned a team.  Each season is only 4 games long (one month) so there isn't much wait time for the next one to begin.  Go ahead and get signed up now for next month!!!