TwitchCon Notes: Secure The Bag

Social Media

Pick TWO that you like.

  • There are dozens of social media platforms. Don’t overwhelm yourself and spread thin by using too many. Pick your favorite 2 and focus on those.
  • Do more than just streaming topics. Talk about food, hobbies, fashion, etc. Be relatable in your social media.
  • Be GREAT at a few vs being AVG at a lot

Keep your stress low. Don’t post when in a negative mood.

    Be genuine and caring about your community in your social postings.


    Be in control of your ads. You can pick the timing and duration. Be transparent to your audience. Thank them for watching the ads as a means to support the community.

    Stepping Stones

    • Find a niche
    • Start with budget equipment
    • Experiment with methods of streaming
    • Create routines/rituals
    • Broadcast/VODs in more than one basket
    • Have a set “I won’t get out of bed unless xxx” value.
    • Be true to Yourself…Stay centered
    • Don’t stream for statistics. Do it because you love it.
    • Build for the audience you want not the one you have. Your stream is your home. Don’t let “guests” dictate your house.
    • Bait titles create trolls. They don’t build a community.
    • You are your own PRODUCT…take care of yourself!

    Enjoy the Ride!