Mystery Mixer

Mystery Mixer

Join us Monday nights for some great community fun!

January brings a new year with new ideas and in true fashion of Violet, Mondays got a change up.

Monday’s Mystery Mixer is a community PLO5 (yes, 5 card PLO) game on Americas Cardroom.  Now, you are probably wondering what is the “Mystery” in Mystery Mixer.  Well, there will be Mystery Bounties that only the Twitch viewers will be able to claim!  These bounties will increase as the table counts go down! 

Value of the Mystery Bounty…well, that too is a Mystery.  The bounty amount starts at the table count at end of late registration.  For example, registration closes with 3 tables in play.  The bounty starts at $3 and increases by $1 for every table removed from the game.  As you can see…the more in, the bigger the bounty!

Be sure to join the fun prior to game time in stream! 



And one more thing…yes, this will have a leader board, just check the LEADERBOARD menu above for current standings!